Deep, Intimate Worship

Know and Feel God's Love

It can be difficult to feel the love of Our Lord, given all the distractions of modern life. Logan Presbyterian Church, USA strives to keep the connection with God with thorough and powerful worship. We also hold Sunday school to help our community know more about our loving Father.

Presbyterian Services

Holy Spirit-Led, Bible-Based Ministries

All of our ministries and services are based on the greatest piece of literature that God himself wrote: the Bible. We delve deep into the Bible's pages to help make sense of the world and discover what our Lord's plan and purpose for us is. Besides heavy study of the Bible, we encourage interaction among members to give a human dimension to our Lord's compassion and grace.

Feel Our Savior's Love Today

We can live happy, fulfilled lives when we are driven by the compassion and mercy of our Lord. We want you to come see for yourself the power of His love and be fully wrapped in His warm and loving embrace. If you want to see how our Presbyterian ministries help you reconnect with God, dial (704) 585-2645. We are more than happy to help you speak to Him again.

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Logan Presbyterian Church, USA

209 Logan-New Amity Road
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P.O. Box 9
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Phone: (704) 585-2645


Hours of Operation

Sunday School
9:30 AM – 10:45 AM

Worship Hours
Sunday – 11 AM

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